Metis construction

Our Wearables Division use a range of wearable and IoT devices to improve the capability of mobile personnel. Chironix is the Google Developer Partner for Glass for Enterprise in the Indo-Pacific region. We are also developing software integrations for use with Athena GTX’s wireless patient monitoring devices.

We are specialists in human factors and the systems required to support workers as they perform their duties.

Metis: connect, collaborate and enhance

Metis has been designed for Google's Glass for Enterprise 2. Chironix is a partner of choice with Google X in the Indo-Pacific region.

Metis can enhance productivity and operational effectiveness across your organisation. This maintenance and procedural workflow system will revolutionise operations across a range of sectors such as Resources, Construction and Maintenance. 

Key Features

  • Voice activated system allows you to work “hands on”
  • Information is displayed directly in your line of sight, without needing to turn away from work
  • Video conferencing provides immediate and real-time access to head office support and oversight
  • Guided workflows ensure processes are carried out properly, every time
  • Checklist completion is logged providing auditable proof of work

Workflows and Dashboard can be customised to client specification.

Metis was been selected as a finalist in the 2019 WA Innovator of the Year: Woodside Oil & Gas Award.

Metis for Glass for Enterprise 2


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