Graduate Program Terms and Conditions

Program Name

Chironix Graduate Program 2022
Company Chironix Pty Ltd
ABN 17 621 755 048
of 37 Collingwood Street, Osborne Park, WA, 6017.



Open to all Australian University students

Entry - residency restriction

Entry is only valid to entrants with full work rights in Australia

Key timelines

Online Application closes 31st August 2021

Challenge Open 1st Sept 2021

Challenge Deadline for Submission 30th Nov 2021

Assessment & Interviews 1st-31st Dec 2021

Successful Candidate Offer 1st Jan 2022

Acceptance Deadline 15th Jan 2022

Start of Program 1st of Feb 2022

*The Company reserves the right to change any of the timeline above without notice.

How to enter

To enter the program, each entrant must during the period;

  1. Agree to the Terms and Conditions in this Document
  2. Complete all Tasks and Requirements
  3. Submit your entry as per the instructions provided.

The Challenge

Each entrant will be given a gazebo ready environment for the Challenge.

Entrant will need to create a robotic solution which can:-

  1. autonomously navigate
  2. identify objects
  3. follower another robot

The full Challenge’s rules, problem sets, criteria and other details will be emailed to each entrant.

Are multiple entries permitted


Receipt of entries

Email confirmation of submission will be emailed at the time of submission

Judging criteria

Submissions will be judged at the sole discretion of the Company’s Chief Technology Officer. Judging criteria for the entries will be judged based on the robotic solution and its reliability, accuracy, overall solutions to the problem sets.

Determining the successful candidates

The entries will be judged and the successful entries will be determined on or before 30th of September 2021. Successful entries will be interviewed and offered a spot in the program.

Notifying the successful candidates

Within 2 days of the successful candidates being determined, they will be notified by phone and email.

Publishing results


Maximum number of successful candidates

Up to Six (6) candidates

The successful candidates will receive

The successful candidates will be offered a spot in the program at the Company with the following benefits:-

  1. Six (6) months full time employment at the Company
  2. $70,000 per annum salary (pro-rata)
  3. Return airfare from any major Australian airport.
  4. Shared housing and shared transportation for the duration of the placement.
  5. Laptop, monitor, all Equipment for the duration of the placement.

PART A - Introduction

  1. Information on how to enter and the program details form part of these terms and conditions.
  2. By participating in the challenge, entrants accept and agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. For the avoidance of doubt, the terms and conditions include the Schedule above.
  3. Entries must comply with these terms and conditions to be valid.
  4. Where there is an inconsistency between the Schedule and Parts A to J of these terms and conditions, the schedule will prevail.

PART B - Privacy

5. The Company will collect and use each entrant’s personal information for the purposes of:-

a) conducting the program (which may include disclosure to third parties for the purpose of processing and conducting the program) and for promotional purposes, public statements and advertisements in relation to the program.
b) providing information about the products and services offered by the Company and its related parties.
c) research to improve its products and services

6. By entering the program, entrants consent to the use of their personal information as described in Part B Clause 1.

PART C - Who can enter the program

7. The program is open to all students of any University in Australia

8. All entrants will need to have full work rights in Australia

PART D - How to enter the program

9. To enter, each entrant must comply with the ‘How to enter’ section of the Schedule.

10. No multiple entry is allowed.

11. An entry cannot be modified after it has been submitted.

12. The Company reserves the right, at any time, to request verifications of the identity, work rights or any other information relevant to participating in the program.

13. The Company reserves the right to disqualify any entrant who provides false information or fails to provide information that is reasonably requested by the Company.

14. The Company reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to disqualify any entrant who does not adhere to the terms and conditions, engaged in unlawful or improper conduct or otherwise acts to cheat, tamper or obtain a competitive advantage over other entrants.

15. The Company accepts no responsibility for late, lost, misdirected, incomplete entries.

16. The eligibility of entries is solely at the discretion of the Company.

PART E - Successful candidate

17. The successful candidate will receive a Graduate placement with the Company for a six (6) month period.

18. The Company is not obliged to offer the successful candidates, any future, on-going or otherwise, any other employment opportunities either with the Company or otherwise, beyond the six (6) month period.

19. Each successful candidate and spot in the program is not transferable, exchangeable or redeemable for cash or credit.

20. The successful candidate receives remuneration and other benefits as set out in the Schedule and are non-negotiable.

21. Successful candidates are allowed to reject, refuse the placement, in writing within thirty (30) days of receiving the Prize.

22. The Company reserves all rights to amend, modify, exchange, replace and cancel all or any part of what the successful candidates receive.

23. The Company reserves all rights to offer a maximum of six (6) successful entries with no minimum number of successful candidates.

PART F - How the successful candidates are determined

24. The challenge is based on skill sets and how each entrant codes and programs the robotic solutions to each of the specific challenge problem sets.

25. The successful candidates are based on the Judging Criteria set in the Schedule.

26. The Judge’s decision will be final and binding and no correspondence with entrants or any other person will be entertained.

PART G - Notification and Acceptance of the program

27. The Company will provide each successful candidate with all details on how to accept the program. It is the responsibility of each successful candidate to comply with the Company’s instructions.

28. Each successful candidate agrees to participate and cooperate, as required, in all publicity activities relating to the program, including, without limitation, being interviewed, photographed, filmed and recorded. Each successful candidate authorizes the Company to use such content for advertising and publicity purposes in any media in perpetuity worldwide.

PART H - Unclaimed successful candidates

29. The Company will take all reasonable steps to identify and notify each successful candidate in an attempt to ensure that each successful candidate is aware of the program being offered to them. However, if a successful candidate cannot be identified or does not accept the program within one (1) month of the date on which the successful candidate is determined, their space in the program is forfeited and may, at the Company’s sole discretion, be awarded to the next best entry.

30. Each successful candidate of an unclaimed spot in the program will be determined and notified in accordance with Parts F and G.

PART I - No liability

31. The Company shall not be liable and excludes all liability (including negligence) for any loss or damage whatsoever which is suffered (including but not limited to indirect or consequential loss) for damage to property, personal injury or death suffered or sustained in connection with the challenge and/or the acceptance of a spot in the program except for any liability which cannot be excluded by law including as provided for under any applicable Australian law.

PART J - Termination of Program

32. The Company reserves the right to vary the terms of, or cancel, the program at any time without liability to any entrant or other person, subject to any applicable Australian law.