Meet the Team: Our Robotics Interns

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As part of our “meet the team” series of articles, we thought to write a feature on two of our latest interns. Yik and Donovan have been with us for a couple of months now so it seems like a good time to share their personalities, get their perspective on the happenings at Chironix and what they’ve learned from the experience. 

The boys working in the robot lab

Below are the answers to a short interview with the guys and a few photos from the robot lab.

Q. Coffee or Tea?

Yik: Coffee

Donovan: Coffee

Q. What’s your favourite colour? 

Yik: Tangerine, to me the colour symbolises warmth and joy.  

Donovan: Orange


Q. What unique experience did you gain from Chironix? 

Yik: The bloom of trust that stemmed from the care and support from colleagues in the robotics and software team as well as from the management team.

Donovan: Interning at Chironix has given me the opportunity to work hands on with a range of different robotic platforms from a range of companies. This experience has allowed me to develop a good understanding about the benefits and disadvantages of different robotic platforms and designs. 

Q. What are some of your key take-aways from the experience? 

Yik: The key takeaway from my experience at Chironix would have to be that the little things that derive from the company culture is awesome and I’m glad to have been exposed to it.


  1. The robotics industry in Perth is not only limited to mining/oil/gas 
  2. Uni will not prepare you with everything you need in the industry, and you must be willing to learn on the job to be successful 
  3. Project organisation and task planning is extremely important

Q. What’s your favourite fictional robot or famous Robot? 

Yik: My favourite fictional robot growing up would have to be the Jazz from the Transformers movie.

Donovan: BD LS3, but all legged robots are extra cool

Q. Prediction: What do you think we’ll be using robots for the most in ten years?

Yik: I think what we developed at Chironix will be relevant in the near future and be a part of future robotics applications.

Donovan: I believe that robots will be carrying out much of the mundane and heavy lifting jobs which humans current do, as the robotics industry matures, the technology will become more accessible and robotics will be seen in many places in day to day life.

Q. Would you recommend interning at Chironix to other students?

Yik: Yes, Chironix is a friendly place which I can feel supported in terms of career development as well as personal wellbeing.

Donovan: Highly recommended

In conclusion we want to give a huge shout out to these guys on their proactive efforts to get involved at Chironix.

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