Chironix is a software development company focused on robotic autonomy and artificial intelligence. We are dedicated to solving business challenges by building unified, holistic platforms between humans and machines.

Inspired by Greek mythology, Chironix (hard K) is named in honour of Chiron, a Centaur described by Homer as the “wisest and justest of all the Centaurs”.

We develop technologies that will optimise human potential.  We see the future workplace as one where humans can work with reliable machine systems in a native manner. Our software integrates and automates both virtual and physical systems and allows people to effectively perform tasks across multiple sites.

Robotics - Wearables - Machine Learning

Chironix build intelligent, human-centred systems integrating robotics, wearable and other IoT technology with machine learning and cloud computing.

Through combining our expertise across these domains, Chironix is able to develop unique products which improve work safety and efficiency, and enhance business processes. We have a particular focus on the defence, resources and maintenance sectors.


We are a vibrant, innovative team comprising of mechatronics engineers, software developers, roboticists and business specialists.  Chironix team members have a diverse range of qualifications up to and including postgraduate level.

We have a strong commitment to lifelong learning and place great importance on professional development to remain on the cutting edge of software technology. If you would like to join our team, visit our careers page to find current opportunities.


The Chironix team possess deep knowledge and expertise in software and automation including natural Language processing, computer vision and perception, edge computing and big data.

Our client base is wide-ranging, from academia to defence and the resources sector. We have worked alongside some of Australia’s largest and most rigorous companies. Having forged strong relationships, Chironix continues to be engaged by industry front-runners in their future development endeavours.